Stubben EQUI Compress Set

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Stubben EQUI Compress

Stübben x EQUI compress – the revolutionary compression system for horses

Over 5 years of research & development - patented - 100% made in Germany: the first compression stocking that convinces!
EQUI Compress manages to stimulate the vascular system and accelerate metabolism with the help of optimal pressure and efficient compression, starting from the horse's hoof.

The problem
Unlike humans, who have well-developed calf muscles, horses only have tendinous extensions in the hoof.
The advantage: rapid acceleration during escape situations - the disadvantage: the lack of a muscle pump means that the metabolic end products can only be transported back to the heart more slowly. This transportation takes place via the lymphatic system, which is connected in parallel to the blood circulation system.
The lymph then flows into the veins close to the heart. If the lymphatic system is not fully functional, proteins, for example, cannot be transported away and tissue hardening develops. Our sport horses are mainly kept in the box.
The result: the natural metabolism is impaired. Increased standing therefore promotes illness and leads to injuries. The horse regenerates more slowly and structures such as muscles, ligaments and tendons are more vulnerable.
The solution
This is where the EQUI compress compression stocking comes in, by generating compression at a precisely predetermined position with the required pressure. This brings the vascular valves closer together, stimulates the lymphatic system and creates an effective pumping function.

EQUI compress therefore has a prophylactic, long-lasting effect and offers sport horses and all horses that stand more often due to the situation a measurable benefit for the first time.

What exactly does the EQUI compress compression system do?
- Compression starting from the crown edge towards the heartIncrease in blood flow velocity
- Prophylaxis against the formation of bileApproaches the lymphatic valves
- Accelerates the removal of metabolic productsDecongestion of the extremities
- Fascia stimulation through proven technology
- Relief of the flexor tendons through optimal pressure
- Compression on the horse's leg (scientifically based, patented, made in Germany)
- No slipping due to anti-slipPump function at rest
- Antibacterial thanks to silver ions & ideal for skin problems (mallenders & scar tissue)
- Cooling effect thanks to CoolBreathe
- Easy-care & stain-resistant (washable at 30 degrees)

Areas of application:
- Ideal in rest phases , boxing & light work
- During transport and at tournaments
- Targeted after stress phases for accelerated regeneration
- Between the training sessions
- For galls and tarnished legs
- Tendon problems
- Mauke

Don´t use with:
- open wounds
- bacterial infections
- fungal infections
- blood flow disorder
- severe inflammation
- fever




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